Wild Atlantic StartUP? What?

The Wild Atlantic Startup (WASup) is a vibrant new initiative and series of events taking place along the Wild Atlantic Way. Our goal is to shine a light on the incredible innovation and success taking place along the world’s longest tourist route, whilst highlighting the beautiful way of life and some local culture. WASup is about creating a collaborative ecosystem on this route, driven by the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation throughout business, startup and social circles.

WASup has set about changing how businesses, innovators and startups collaborate and engage together. While at the same time promoting the whole region as a great place for businesses to start, develop and invest. We want to portray the real value of innovation existing across this community. Together, we have the potential to create real impact and endless opportunities.

WASup is about embracing the entrepreneurial ethos, collaborating with peers and driving engagement across a range of disciplines. This is not a normal startup/entrepreneurial event. We see WASup as a groundbreaking opportunity for the Wild Atlantic Way community to create a collaborative ecosystem with huge potential to scale.

It is our belief that aligning startup hubs with entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses throughout this ecosystem is imperative for changing the future landscape along the west coast.


Meet People

From generating business and ideas to finding potential synergies. This event is driven by its people, designed to bring you real tangible value and open up engaging networks along our west coast and across Ireland. Come to network, come to talk or come to listen. WASup is about sharing and Innovating beside Ireland's leading entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors.

Share Knowledge

Sharing networks, opportunities and failures. A no nonsense event for sharing knowledge and experiences both good and bad. Listen to disruptors and people creating real change. Share your vision and let them help you or maybe you can assist them. This is the beginning of a journey where value is key. Sharing, listening and engagement are essential components to WASup.

Learn Things

This is an environment to learn, to adapt and where we build together. What will you learn at WASup? Anything and everything is possible, A crucial part of this Initiative is that you will learn what you came to learn, you will meet who you want to meet and you should never leave disappointed. You will open up networks, meet new people, chat with keynote speakers all with the full confidence, they will be there for the same thing, to learn adapt and build.

Upcoming Events


WASup Limerick

University of Limerick

Fri 17th June 2016


Event History

  • The inaugural WASup took place in May 2014 in the University of Limerick. Sponsored by Grant Thornton in Limerick, it was attended by some of Irelands leading entrepreneurs, innovators and investors. The success of the event was seen when there was over 100 people still there at 9.p.m that evening listening to a startup battle taking place at Limericks first ever StartupGrind hosted by Darren Mulvihill. This led to invites from businesses, people and institutions along the Wild Atlantic Way asking us to take WASup on tour.

  • October 2014

    WASUP goes to Kerry

    Never pass up real opportunity! The first port of call for our series of events is in conjunction with Ceed (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development) and thanks to Karen O’Connell. This events brings together entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors from business, educational and social backgrounds with the focus “An Innovative Mindset”. The new and amazing @StartupHiking crew from Dublin are coming down also - We wonder Why? :) Hope to see you there.

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